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Kinfolks has published several new books since launching, and fans and collectors will be pleased to know that these are historical and fun for all ages! Even furry friends are enjoying these books, how about you too?

"Orphan" is the newly released installment of the "ORB" trilogy. Note that this edition includes the first book as well, so readers don't miss a single moment! Intended to get kids (boys especially) to read more, fans of the first book proved to be both kids, parents and grandparents, so we say that the "ORB" trilogy is for ages 80-99.

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"ORB" started it all -- The young adult sci-fi adventure "as told by Jaxon Forde." When a strange celestial event literally crashes into Jaxon's life, an odd ball slowly befriends then empowers the boy. Soon bizarre men are watching Jaxon's family, and nothing is as it seems, leading to a shocking yet beautiful ending and leaving readers eager for more!


"I could not put this book down once I started reading it! I can not wait for the next book to come out!" - reader review on


"Fantastic 1st book to a 3 part series. Keeps you turning the page wondering what happens next. Excited to read the second book." - reviewer Kailey S.

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"Blue Bucket" is a stark historical novel written by award-winning author Brad Lockwood. It's hard to describe this modern-day search that entwines the true story of a lost goldmine in Oregon in 1845. It's best to just let readers share their thoughts:

"I really enjoyed this book and am still haunted by it a couple days later. Initially, the author gives out information about the characters sparingly, but when all is finally!! It's a great work of fiction with a great cast of flawed characters, beautiful scenery and some 'dangling matters.' Glad I purchased this book and will definitely read it again."

"I've never read a book anything like this one. So earthy, daring, outrageous, surprising, deft, hilarious and creepy that, terrified as I was, I could not put it down, Like a great magician choreographing his trick, the author masterfully weaves his strange story through perfectly timed blurts, teases and twists. You will want to run, not walk, to the nearest book signing to find out what sort of cool, weird human could have produced this uniquely compelling gallivant!"

Heard enough and ready to read "Blue Bucket" yourself?

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Of course, Dean Elliott Case's historical book about Kinfolks Cutlery led the charge, a book written by family about the reunion of the legendary Case clan to create collectible knives and critical military weapons. This is an important book that we are incredibly proud to offer, and readers seem to agree!

"This book is an excellent history of a family who lived the American Dream.... A legacy that lives on today"

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