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Kinfolks Knives Carving or Slicing Knife
“Carving knife, also called a slicing knife. The 8” blade is of Kinfolks circle K chrome with a 5” half tang hardwood handle. A well balanced knife with two 5/16 brass pins securing the scale or handle”
Kinfolks Knives Butcher or Butcher's Knife
“Butcher's knife. This curved 5 ¾” blade allows the user to rock the knife on a cutting board for accurate and quick cutting. The Kinfolks circle K chrome blade is half shaft and secures the hardwood handle with 3 small pins. Well balanced, short and easily handled. Designed primarily for home food preparation.”
Kinfolks Knives Boxed Carving Set
"Boxed household gift set. Includes carving knife and fork. Box label reads, Concave knives, Cut Keen, Stay Sharp. This set comes with the following instructions, "Do not sharpen your concave knife on a wheel sharpener. Use butchers steel or an oil stone. This knife is made from the finest quality Stainless Tool Steel and is precision concave ground to hold a thin, keen edge. Use this knife with care and it will give you years of service"
Kinfolks Knives Carving Set
"Carving set designed for household use. The 7 7/8" blade is concave ground Kinfolks circle K stainless steel. With an overall length of 13 3/8" The hardwood handles taper almost to a point. A light and well balanced carving knife for the family's Christmas turkey. Stainless two pronged fork is 10 1/2" overall with a matching handle"
Kinfolks Knives Boxed Carving Set 2
This wall mount kitchen knife set even came with two screws for wall mounting.
The set includes:
1. Carving knife with an 10 1/4" blade and is 15" overall.
2. Large Chef's knife with an 8" blade and is 13" in length.
3. Smaller carving knife with a 7 1/2" blade and is 12 1/2" overall.
4. Two tined 5" fork with an overall length of 9 1/2"
5. Small kitchen knife with a 4 3/4" blade and length of 8 3/4";
6. A small paring knife with a 3" blade and length of 7" completes the set.
These half shaft blades are made of Kinfolks circle K stainless and use two brass rivets to secure the rounded composite handles.
Kinfolks Knives Vintage Steak Knife Set
"This vintage set of Kinfolks stag handled steak knives is a rare find. The handles are made from antlers collected at Robins Roost, Andrew Cases home. A tall cedar fence surrounded several acres beside the house and domesticated deer were kept to supply antlers and an occasional meal. These knives have a 5" hollow ground Circle K chrome blade and poured metal butt cap."

Kinfolks Knives
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