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Kinfolks Knives Kinfolks 6292
Kinfolks style 6292 2 blade Jack knife. The main blade is a 3 3/4" clip style and the secondary blade is a muskrat of the same length with long pull nail slots. The 6292 is one of the more popular and common examples of a Kinfolks folding knife. This style is a must for the serious Kinfolks Collector and can usually be found at any of the larger knife shows. The handle material is of a root beer colored jigged bone which was one of the most requested handle materials
Kinfolks Knives Kinfolks 6292
This is another example of the Kinfolks 6292 jack knife. The handle is made of yellow celluloid. Nickel silver bolsters with brass liners and dual springs were used. This folding hunter was crafted by the craftsmen and women of Kinfolks for heavy duty use and was a favorite of woodsmen, farmers, and of course hunters. This is a large knife, measuring 5 1/4" closed with an impressive 9 1/4" open length.
Kinfolks Knives Pocket Knife 1
Small 2 blade pocket knife with tip bolsters of nickel silver, brass liners, and a single spring. The scales are of a second cut jigged bone (remember I am not an expert, blog us for corrections). The primary blade is 1 1/2" straight type clip and the small secondary blade is a 1" pen type. Smaller Kinfolks pocket knives are a rare find these days and a welcome addition to any collection. Kinfolks USA is stamped on the tang face of the primary blade, there is no style number.
Kinfolks Knives Pocket Knife 2
Kinfolks style 6109L single blade lock back. The brass liner lock secures the blade in the open position and keeps the knife blade from closing while in use. The scales are of a red jigged bone enhanced by the use of nickel silver bolsters and brass pins. This knife was most probably made in Perry, N.Y. by Robeson under the Kinfolks trademark. The scales are very reminiscent of Robesons strawberry bone in coloring. This knife has a 3 1/8" regular pull clip style blade. With an overall open length of 8'' this beauty closes to 4 1/2".
Kinfolks Knives Pocket Knife 4
This small, special presentation pocket knife is only 2 7/8" closed and is similar to the pocket knife listed as number 3 above. The nickel silver tip bolsters and imitation pearl scales provide the perfect background for the LOOM 1002 logo. The Moose lodge in Little Valley, N. Y. (yes, #1002) was proud to present this knife to members in appreciation for their loyal service and hard work. Both the primary and secondary blades bear the Kinfolks USA stamping.

Photo Courtesy of Kinfolks Collector - Cheryl Parker

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