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“Kinfolks Knives, A History of Cutlery and Cousins” is finally completed, after many edits and revisions. This is the most comprehensive and accurate history of Kinfolks to date.

Kinfolks Knives offers an accurate and factual history of Kinfolks Cutlery. Included are four vintage catalogs to aid collectors in the identification and dating of Kinfolks knives, as well as biographies of Kinfolks founders: Russ Case, Tint Champlin, and Dean Case. Also, for the first time, the personal memories of multiple branches of this American cutlery dynasty are included, as well as a foreword by Brad Lockwood.

Providing rare insight into Kinfolks and the families involved in its creation and development, Kinfolks Knives is intended to be the most accurate history of the cutlery compiled to date. A timeline of the family and related cutleries is included for quick reference, as well as answers to the most common questions asked about the company from www.kinfolksinc. com. The mystery of the Jean Case Cutlery Company is at last explained, and many family photographs and recipes are included.

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